The Journey Begins

The Friends of Hove Park group was started in 2013.

Our aims are to :

  • assist in the preservation, protection & improvement of the Park for the community
  • promote and contribute to the conservation of the natural wildlife of the Park
    involve the local community and to work with other bodies involved with the Park
  • encourage & facilitate appropriate leisure, recreational, & educational pursuits within the Park
  • encourage the involvement of the local community of Park users through the organisation of a programme of communal events throughout the year

Membership is open to all who are interested in the park, & there is a nominal subscription of ¬£3 a year per household. Subscriptions can be paid at the Hove Park cafe; just leave the money together with your name and email address (or just name if you don’t want to receive our emails).

We should also mention our kind sponsors & supporters, without whom the Hove Park Art Festival could not have been organised :

Samesky –

Mishon Mackay –

Rockinghorse –

Art Republic –

Each Peach Childcare –

Pepperfox –

Hangleton & Knoll Project –

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