Hove Park Fun Palace

The campaign for culture at the heart of every community your Free Local Fun Palace. Immerse yourself in crafts, try a sport, learn to code, or create some nature inspired art.

Lots of Hove residents joined us on the 6th October to master new skills from their neighbours, shared hobbies with friends old and new, and celebrated the passions and enthusiasm in all of us who love Hove park. We had a fantastic day and the sun shone!


Sharing skills, connecting communities, creating tiny revolutions.

New Skills

Learn old and new skills from the community

Art Focus

Young and old enjoy the fun of learning different forms of Art.

The Fun Palace campaign promotes culture at the heart of community and community at the heart of culture. Our weekend of fun was organised by The Friends of Hove Park and used the combination of arts, craft, science, tech, digital, heritage and sports activities, led by local people for local people, sharing their own passions and skills, as a catalyst for community-led transformation, with active participation for all ages.

Thank you to Gino and the staff from the Hove Park Cafe for helping facilitate the event. From the point of view of FOHP it helped us in seeing that we could do something small scale instead of worrying about putting on a big event.

Contact us to get involved next year.